A fost publicată lista furnizorilor de servicii de formare pentru securitate cibernetică
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Juniper: Multiple vulnerabilities in ScreenOS (CVE-2015-7755, CVE-2015-7756)

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Specialists of the company Juniper have identified a sequence of unauthorized code within the source code of the operating system ScreenOS, which can allow a  potential attacker to gain access and control over the devices NetScreen, respectively decrypting the connection type VPN. Description & ... Read more ->

Ransomware: [email protected]

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Recently, users of the Rom yesterday;nia is faced with a new threat, cyber-type ransomware, which, once it succeeds in infecting a system, encrypts the files stored on it and displays a message that prompts users to pay a bounty for de-encrypting them. Encrypted files have an extension as amended wh ... Read more ->

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The trojan Tinba v3 – A cyber threat oriented newest to the 12 financial-banking institutions in Romania

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According to the information published by experts IBM Security X-Force, in sf yesterday;the end of July 2015 it was discovered a version of the trojan Tinba v3 specifically configured to target a number of 12 banking and financial institutions of the Rom yesterday;nia. Tinba is not a cyber threat ne ... Read more ->