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STAGEFRIGHT: Vulnerabilities of the Android operating system

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Mobile devices running a version of the operating system Android, from îbetween version 2.2 and version 5.1.1_r4, contain multiple vulnerabilities of the engine of the multimedia playback Stagefright. Exploitation of these vulnerabilities may allow an attacker to access your multimed ... Read more ->

Vulnerability in a BIND

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Introduction BIND is the software open-source DNS (en. Domain Name System) most used in the Internet. „Berkeley Internet Name Domain” was developed at the University of California, Berkeley, at îthe beginning of the 1980s. În present, the application of large volume, which im ... Read more ->

UPDATE: A new vulnerability of Adobe Flash Player

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UPDATE 15.07.2015 Adobe has published updates that addresses the problems arising within the last period as well : - Vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash use-after-free and corruption of memory (CVE-2015-5119, CVE-2015-5122, CVE-2015-5123) determined by the grades  ActionScript 3 ... Read more ->

Ransomware - Cryptowall 3.0

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Ransomware is malicious software that prevents access to files, or even entire infected system, to pay a "bounty". This type of malware is nothing new, but to make it harder to recover files, ransomware sites block access to current files (documents, photos, music, video, etc.) through their asymme ... Read more ->

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