A fost publicată lista furnizorilor de servicii de formare pentru securitate cibernetică
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Publishing vulnerabilities (responsibly)

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A security vulnerability is a weakness of a computer system or program an adversary could take advantage of to compromise the confidentiality, availability, or integrity of a resource. Vulnerability management is the whole set of processes aimed at identifying, classifying, evaluating, and mitigatin ... Read more ->

Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure

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The speed of technological innovation and market launch of new devices, software and digital services leads to the impossibility to detect and timely eliminate all vulnerabilities. As a result, the large number and complexity of cyber security threats and incidents [1] exploiting vulnerabilities in ... Read more ->

ENISA published a report on Security Measures for Digital Service Providers

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ENISA recently published a report meant to help Member States and DSPs in crafting a common approach on the security measures for DSPs. This document outlines the high-level security objectives by providing security measures and examples of implementation, concerning DSPs and in particular: Clou ... Read more ->

Press Release: Approximately 3,000,000 (40%) unique IP addresses from Romania were affected by cyber security incidents in 2016

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According to the annual report of the Romanian Center for Cyber Security Incident Response (CERT-RO), in 2016 a total of 110 194 980 cyber security alerts have been collected and processed (up by 61.55% compared to 2015), which affected a number of 2 920 407 unique IP addresses.   The analysi ... Read more ->

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